Key Considerations Before Buying a Villa

The constant upheaval in the realty sector has impelled the customers to think in detail before investing their hard earned money into purchasing a villa. Even though the customers are well aware, they are constantly looking for safe investment options. Owning a property is an important event in one’s life. Prompt thinking and precaution is needed from the initial stages of deciding on a property until the registration.

In today’s changing realty outlook, more and more investors and consumers are looking into villa ownership. With so many villas up for sale at competitive prices, it may be tempting to seize upon the next good deal – but here are a few considerations to keep in mind before you sign on the dotted line.

Accessibility: Regardless of building style, design and décor, the central location is the most important factor when it comes to buying any property, whether you are buying a house, or a villa, or a unit. Access to the freeway system, public transport or main arterial roads is also a plus, and while you don’t want to actually live right next to station or a main road, easy access to them is very important. In addition, easy access to shopping and other lifestyle facilities like restaurants or parks makes a good added value.

• Good Views: If it is a villa, it is about the view. A good view from your villa is vital. When checking a villa, make sure that you have either stunning views, or at the very least, neutral views. Ensure that outsiders can’t see within. Your privacy is important too!

Long Term Value of Villas for Sale: Villas may not always keep their value or even increase in value, with time. However, villas in cities which are based around universities or hot tourists areas tend to increase in value with time and may be wise rental investments. Hence a thorough check is required.

Developer’s track record: A routine check on the documentation, legalities and the materials utilized by the developer can provide with good insights on the credibility of the realtor. Timelines for delivery and quality of work produced is critical for the buyer to analyze. A developer with an impressive track record will surely win more credibility than any other developer.

Amenities: The various amenities provided by the developer should also be considered for buying a prospective project. 24/7 power back up, security, health centers, pharmacy, water supply, school, proximity to shopping arcade and entertainment centers, sports complex, clubhouse, pool etc are advantages for investing in the project. Also check if the elevator system is reliable and if there are enough elevators to cope with the flow of people at busy times.

Parking Privileges: Check if there is enough parking allocated, both for the residents and visitors. Find out if the car parking charges are inclusive of the price quoted or extra. Take all these charges into account while calculating the expenses of purchasing a villa.

Ventilation: Ensure that there are a lot of windows in your house to bring in the natural light and breathable air. Furthermore, there should be gallery space left on all four sides of the building so that any new construction adjacent to your building does not block your windows or balcony. Opt for the villa with a balcony if it is available, to enjoy the view of your morning sunshine and the evening sunsets.

There is no doubt that villa living can be a very attractive housing option for many people. But before purchasing a villa, it is important to understand what goes into the ownership of a villa and the responsibilities that you may inherit upon purchasing one. Bluejay Enterprises understands the customer concerns and hence ensures that efficient and highly independent villas are constructed to avoid any issues further.

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